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Digital Security Token Offers (STOs) promise a new way of funding mining projects.

The only limit is the imagination of financiers. “Tokenized” equity or debt is the first step but specific mines or even milestones and royalty streams are all securitise-able as efficient digital securities.

The technology has been tried and test for more than a decade but for some it still feels too early. How do they work? How do you trade them? Regulation? How will it change the role of bankers and Exchanges?

Join us for a half day seminar introducing the role of STOs in mine finance.

This year's programme features:


Time Activity
09:30 Welcome & introduction
09:40 STOs: using digital securities to finance exploration & mining
A tool to revitalise mine finance?
A discussion of what it is that makes Digital STOs different from ICOs and traditional financing tools. Are they the tool that will revitalise exploration and mine finance?
10:00 Use cases in Exploration & Mine Finance
When does a digital security make sense?
Panel Discussion
Creativity is the only limit for digital securities. We consider the merits of various use cases for digital securities including simple tokenisation of traditional debt and equity, securitisation of royalty streams and new asset classes that securitising milestones and Net Smelter Royalties might create. Where will this new tool have most traction?
10:25 Diamonds may be a girl’s best friend but they have a troubling role in conflict. Embedding traceability within mine operations not only provides transparency but secures the investors’ position.
11:00 Coffee break
11:20 Crypto-gold & STOs - a use case for gold miners
Gold has been a store of value for more than 5000 years but it is a poor form of money. Crypto-gold puts gold on the blockchain and into everyday circulation. It also gives gold miners an innovative financing tool.
11:50 Making a secure and compliant offer
Securing investors and the value of jurisdiction shopping
Panel Discussion
The rise of STOs marks the embrace of rules and the end of the wild-west mentality of the digital space. Our panellists discuss the current state of regulation in the UK, Europe and US and the ways of protecting the interests of the investors.
12:20 Secondary markets & liquidity
How will you trade them?
Panel Discussion
With digital securities, new trading venues and methods are set to challenge the traditional exchanges. We discuss how to trade your digital securities and how to find liquidity in the new environment.
13:00 Lunch