Canoel International Energy Presentation - November 2013

andrea catteneo Speaker: Andrea Catteneo
CEO, Canoel International Energy

Canoel International Energy - November 2013 from Objective Capital Conferences

About Andrea Catteneo
Andrea is the Chief Executive Office of Canoel International Energy. Andrea is a resource focused specialist in emerging markets with 30+ years' experience including being involved in 1986 with the first loan to Vietnam after the war. Andrea is also a Member of the Business Advisory Council Greater Tumen Initiative, an United Nations Development Programme sponsored organisation covering Russia, China, the two Koreas and Mongolia.

About Canoel International Energy

Canoel offers exposure to a what is a relatively unique business model for a junior Canadian resource company. Canoel looks to acquire small or distressed assets with proven/producing reserves that are too small for the majors to consider. It then seeks to substantially enhance their value with minimal exploration or capital.

Supporting this strategy, Canoel boasts a senior board from the Italian energy sector that provides extensive business and governmental international exposure.

To date it has completed two transactions demonstrating the strategy. The first, the acquisition of a small producing oil field in Argentina. The second, a series of gas projects in Italy.

With resource markets now appearing to have bottomed, Canoel is revitalising itself. It has successfully put its new Italian gas assets into production. A series of expansion projects worth C$7m are now proposed offering paybacks between 1.5-3 years. Further projects are in the offering in Libya and Africa. And it has now completed a 1:10 share consolidation in preparation for raising funds.