KBL Mining Corporate Presentation - June 2015

jim wall Speaker: Jim Wall, Chairman, B Eng (UWA)
Chairman, KBL Mining

KBL Mining Corporate Presentation - June 2015 from Objective Capital Conferences

About Jim Wall
Jim Wall was Managing Director of Nicron Resources during the 1980s and in 1991 became Executive Director of Aztec Mining. From late 1991 until mid-1997, he was Managing Director of Savage Resources during which time its market capitalisation on ASX increased by 40 times to over $600 million. Under his management, Savage Resources was transformed from a loss making company into a profitable mining company with substantial operating assets in coal, copper/gold and zinc in Australia and zinc in the USA.

About KBL Mining

KBL Mining is an Australian listed producer and developer of base and precious metals. Last year, KBL's revenues were A$40m which they plan to double in the next two years.

KBL's core asset is the producing Mineral Hill copper mine in the Cobar Basin of central NSW. The project houses a state-of-the-art operating mine and a $150m mill. KBL also holds the pre-feasibility Sorby Hills project which is the largest near surface silverlead deposit in Australia.

In addition, in the last month they announced that they have commenced development works at the Pearse Open Cut gold deposit. This will produce 35koz to 40koz of gold and 280koz to 290koz of silver over the next year. KBL Mining is headed by Jim Wall (Chairman) and Brian Wesson (MD).