London Global Mining Investment Conference 2010
Transforming artisanal & small scale mining
Andre Van Zyl - Oak Ridge Mining Solutions

About Andre Van Zyl

Andre is an social entrepreneur who's past experience includes operational military duty, owner of a start-up that developed the first commercial PC based, fully integrated, accounting system for the South African market, IT director for Lloyds based President Insurance, a South Africa insurance company, and 10 years with BP as Global Business Solutions Architect and International Program Manager for a number of large scale business transformation solutions across 32 countries.

After leaving BP, Andre started Oakridge Business Solutions, a business consulting and knowledge management company 5 years ago. He formed Oakridge Mining Solutions 3 years ago to focus on the development potential of the artisanal mining sector in central Africa. Andre is also chairman of Kalminco, the first Congolese minerals company with a majority shareholding by local community stakeholders, developed in partnership with Oakridge Mining Solutions and co-founder of Mission Restoration, a trust aimed at social development in Bulgaria.