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Glen Jones - Intierra Resource Intelligence

About Glen Jones

Glen has been working in the mineral exploration industry for over 36 years. His expertise is in the data and map requirements of companies involved in mining and exploration. In 1991, Glen created the "Hot Play Map" concept which developed into an industry standard. Between 1971 and 1980 Glen worked for Granduc Mines, Teck Corporation and Getty Mines.

From 1980 to 2003 Glen managed his own consulting company, EnerSource, which was later renamed to Mineral Information Maps. In the first ten years, he concentrated on the integrated use of graphic and mapping software in conjunction with primitive data bases. This expanded to compiling databases that tracked global exploration activity around the globe. In the latter years, he developed techniques for compiling digital exploration data and claim (tenement) databases and then publishing this data in related maps. As GIS and graphic software advanced, the presentations of the published maps have been refined to one of the best in the industry.

In 2003, Mineral Information Maps merged with Intierra Ltd, a Perth based company who had just merged with Minmet. Intierra had developed a web based infrastructure for bringing together all levels of technical and financial data. Together these three merged companies now have the largest global mining, exploration and mapping subscription data base. Intierra has expanded the map publishing business from one that was producing 6 maps per year to a global one that now produces over 50 per year.